Submissions Policy

The Human Race operates a residency and workshop series designed to develop new plays and musicals. The Residency is a ten-day to two-week program that brings the playwright or writing team together for an un-interrupted work session with a handful of theatre artists. Our Workshop is a two-week program—working with professional performers/directors—and culminating in a performance in a staged reading format.

The Human Race also produces premiere productions for both the Loft Theatre (a 212-seat thrust stage) and the Victoria Theatre (a 1,100-seat proscenium) on occassion, however, we tend to produce shows that 1) have already been produced, 2) we have a familiarity with the writers or 3) that we have developed at The Human Race.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions. You may send an introductory letter with a short description of your show. If we are interested, you will then be contacted.

If you are contacted by us, please be prepared to send a full script (both plays and musicals), a CD recording of the music (preferably studio recording with a minimum of 6 songs from the show) and any pertinent information about the show, its history, previous readings or productions, and biographies of the writers.

For submission inquiries, please contact:

  • Kevin Moore
  • President & Artistic Director
  • The Human Race Theatre Company
  • 126 North Main Street
  • Suite 300
  • Dayton, Ohio 45402