The Loft Theatre

“The Loft…a perfect venue for a personal show about real people.”
–Rick Pender, CityBeat

In 1991, The Arts Center Foundation finished the renovation of the former Metropolitan Department Store into the Metropolitan Arts Center, a contemporary building that houses many of Dayton’s most energetic and innovative organizations such as the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, Muse Machine and Dayton Public Radio.

Tucked in the back of the third floor, where women’s coats used to be sold, was a 1920s bowling alley just waiting to be born again into a 212-seat performance space. Considered to be the most exciting theatre space in Dayton, the Loft Theatre became home to The Human Race. In fact, the Loft is so well loved, people often get it and The Human Race confused.

As a “three-quarter thrust” stage, the Loft Theatre’s performance area juts out into the audience, allowing the seating to wrap around the front edge and giving each patron a different view of the action onstage. The Loft truly defines the word “intimate” since the furthest seat in the house is only 20 feet away from the actors!

Conveniently located between the beautiful Victoria Theatre and Uno Pizzeria & Grill at 126 North Main Street in downtown Dayton, the Loft is easy to find thanks to the large red awning that stands over the street level entrance to the building.

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